Tips from an Electrician

If your lights or power are not operating....


  • Reset a tripped Circuit Breaker - Push the handle to the off position first and then return to the on position. If it trips again, do not reset it -- Call our electrician for service.


  • Reset a GFCI - Push the reset button on the front of the receptacle. If it does not reset -- Call for service.



If an appliance is not working.....


  • Make sure the appliance is plugged into the receptacle.


  • Check to assure that any wall switches that control the receptacle are in the on position.


  • Try another receptacle to determine if the problem is with the applicance or with the electric current.



Portable generators....


  • Run these once a month to keep the generator exercised and lubricated. This must be done outside and away from the house following the manufacturer's instructions. (Remember to face the exhaust away from the house). We recommend that you have Carbon Monoxide detectors.



Burning smell


  • First call 911.


  • You can then give us a call to further investigate.



Extension cords


  • These can be used for short-term as long as the cords are rated for the amount of amps the appliance(s) is going to use.


  • Assure that the cord is UL listed.


  • Cords should not be covered by carpeting or other materials.


  • We recommend that for any extended use you contact us for service.




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