Service Upgrades

Here at Mike Giradi Electric, we can upgrade the amperage of your service, replace old deteriorated existing services and cables as well as the meter boxes.


  • electric meterRepair or replacement of services from 100 amps to 400 amps for residential and up to 1,500 amps for commercial properties


  • Upgrade of your service to a higher amperage for more power – for additions, installation of new HVAC (heating ventilating air conditioning) equipment, hot tub or other appliances


  • Underground installation of unsightly overhead wires that run from the pole to your house and cables running down the side of your house – this provides a cleaner look as well as protects them from falling debris such as branches during ice storms and high winds


  • Need space for more circuits? Add a sub panel when an increase of power is not needed.



Prevention is worth...well you know.


electric meter and wireYou should visually check the condition of the cable on the outside of your house leading from the top of the house to the meter box and from the meter box to the panel.


If the cable is frayed or cracked, water could be entering the cable and traveling down the inside to the meter box and panel and causing corrosion and rust. This corrosion and rust will cause bad connections and lead to flickering lights and eventually burn off to leave you with no power or a fire.


If the water reaches the circuit breaker box it can corrode the bar that the circuit breakers connect to and damage the circuit breakers possibly not allowing them to trip when needed. Many times the expense of replacing the circuit breakers and box and meter box can be avoided if the problem is caught early by simply replacing just the cable.



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