GFCI Outlets & Wiring

GFCI OutletGFCI outlets are required in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, outdoors, and unfinished basements. All hot tubs and pool equipment must be protected by a GFCI and the pool must be grounded properly.


They are for you and your family's safety and protection around water. They will trip in the event of a leak of current to ground. For example, if you drop a hair dryer in the sink with water in it, the GFCI receptacle will trip so there is no hazard of shock or electrocution. The standard receptacle and circuit breaker offer no protection in these cases.


If you have a GFCI receptacle or circuit breaker and it trips and will not reset, a fault is detected or no power is present at the receptacle so you should call for service. We can also convert old 2 prong receptacles to three prongs by using a GFCI receptacle.



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